Back-up as a Service

One Cloud Services provides customers with all-flash production storage. Eliminating spinning disks improves performance and reliability with the newest technology.


  • Redundancy. Lack of offsite protection of your primary data
  • SLA compliance. Inability to provide adequate backup and restore levels to meet business and/or regulatory requirements
  • Capacity over-subscription. Sudden or unforeseen data growth results in inadequate storage capacity
  • Budget constraints. Data growth places stress on capital expenditures
  • Legacy technology. Overcoming shortcomings of traditional tape backup systems including long recovery times, questionable reliability and potential for errors
  • Long term archiving. Business demands for access to historical data

One Cloud Services’ expert staff of storage engineers work with customers to create unique back-up storage plans to protect vital data with our enterprise grade storage resources and our multiple geographically diverse data centers. Protect all your data in inflight or at rest, over our lighting fast gigabyte network. Or let us leverage our multiple carrier relationships to provide private line connectivity between one of our data centers and your location. We offer managed back-up solutions customized to your needs. Our services are easy to use and we offer completely automated packages that verifies each file and then encrypts them for privacy.

Offsite Data Backup and Protection

Send your critical data to one of our three geographically diverse data centers to create a redundant copy which is always available in the event your primary data becomes corrupt or unavailable. Best of all 100% of the data can be restored from anywhere.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Already using Veeam for your in-house backups? Check out our Veeam Cloud Connect (link to the Veaam Cloud Connect page) service offering for extending your backups to our cloud infrastructure. Features one click file and VM recovery for VMware and Hyper-V environments.

Data Replication

One Cloud Services uses powerful data replication packages including EMC RecoverPoint, Dell Rapid Recovery and Zerto. Take advantage of either Asynchronous or Synchronous replication between our data center and your data center or your data can be replicated between our geographically diverse data centers. Achieve sub 15 minute RTO availability and sub 30 second RPO availability.

Data Domain as a  Service

Data Domain from EMC provides One Cloud Services with the industry’s most efficient, scalable and reliable cloud ready storage platform. Data recovery is significantly faster than traditional tape backups while allowing for efficient data deduplication, optimizing disk storage space. Data Domain easily integrates with existing infrastructure and third-party backup solutions. Customers with an in-house Data Domain can natively duplicate data to One Cloud Services’ Data Domain platform, taking advantage of its data compression features for redundancy.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely automated data backup- No need to switch out tapes!
  • Files stored off-site to prevent data loss in case of disaster
  • Data files are verified after each backup
  • Keep an UNLIMITED version history of all your files
  • All data is encrypted (AES-256) for privacy protection and compliance
  • Email notifications sent nightly, detailing the results & status of each backup
  • Files can be restored quickly and easily from anywhere
  • Backup UNLIMITED computers with one account. No per machine fees